Which alien will you choose?


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About BEN10

Step into the extraordinary world of Ben 10, where adventure is limitless and the impossible is possible. Imagine Ben Tennyson, a young boy, discovering the Omnitrix, a portal to an infinite universe of alien powers. Ben changes into a new being with incredible abilities with each transformation. The story of courage, friendship, and self-belief underpins Ben 10's flashy transformations and epic battles. Ben, his cousin Gwen, and their wise grandfather Max travel through space and time to fight the evil that threatens the universe

The token has launched amidst a presale frenzy, and it thrives on a robust community and an entertaining experience.


Create Your Digital Wallet

Download Phantom 0r Solflare from the app store or Google Play Store for free. For desktop users, acquire the Google Chrome extension by navigating to https://phantom.app

Secure Some SOL

You'll need some SOL in your wallet to make the switch to $Ben10. If you don't have any, you can procure it directly on Phantom, transfer from another wallet, or acquire it on a different exchange and send it to your wallet.

Buy $Ben10 with SOL

Navigate to our website via the Dapp browser in your Phantom, Solflare, or any other wallet. Connect your wallet. Input the value of the SOL or Ben10 tokens you wish to buy and give it the green light. When Phantom calls for a wallet signature, seal the deal.

Embark on Your Quest

After the presale, you can exchange your purchased Ben10 for SOL, and vice versa, from Raydium. We will slash taxes to zero, so there is no need to stress about specific slippages. Although, during market rollercoasters, a smidgen of slippage might be your co-pilot.

NFT Collectibles


Token Supply:
1,000,000,000 $BEN10

Liquidity Pool: 20% of the total supply

Presale Tokens: 40% of the total supply

Staking Rewards: 30% of the total supply

Airdrop Rewards: 5% of total supply

CEX Listings and : 5% of total supply


Phase 1: Project Launch

Phase 2: Presale And Distribution

Phase 3: Raydium And CEX listing

Phase 4: $BEN10 Staking Launch

Phase 5: More CEX Listings

Phase 6: P2E Game Development

Common Questions

The BEN10 token is primarily designed to unite global fans and enthusiasts of the BEN10 SERIES. Its objective is to evoke old time memories, cultivate a strong community spirit, and grant fans exclusive access to events and activities associated with the show.

The $BEN10 Token embodies participation in a vibrant and jovial community. Distinguished by its distinctive features such as NFT releases, staking incentives, and a peer-to-peer game, BEN10 sets itself apart within the realm of meme tokens.

The staking function will go live on or before the listing date. Follow our social pages so you will be notified when staking is launched.

You'll need to mint our token in your wallet first. This is so you can receive the rewards from our referral disburser. After the mint, connect your wallet to our website to reveal your unique referral link. Invite your friends with this link and receive 50% of any amount of tokens they buy or claim.

During our Public Pre-sale rounds, BEN10 Tokens are accessible for purchase. We're extending an opportunity to everyone to join in, fostering community growth and solidarity.

BEN10 Would be listed on Raydium to initiate the liquidity pair on DEX for the BEN10 token, afterwards we would launch on a Centralized Exchange to gear the community into believing in what we plan to achieve, follow the timer on the website to stay updated with the token launch, and the chosen CEX.



$BEN10 is not affiliated with "Man of Action" or their creation. This token is a tribute to a popular TV series that is widely appreciated and recognized. $Ben10 is a meme coin that lacks any intrinsic value or potential for financial gain. There isn't an official team in place. The $Ben10 ecosystem may offer P2E aspects, but it's important to note that the token is primarily designed for entertainment purposes.

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